MPT X Natalie in the city

MPT x Natalie in the city

My relationship with stripes has come along way in recent years. I used to avoid the pattern altogether—no matter the direction of the stripes. People would say, "Don't wear horizontal stripes, they will widen your body," or "Try vertical stripes to elongate your figure." No one was ever like, "Wear the stripes how you want them." Pretty quickly, stripes got the reputation that they were only good for one thing, and I had to be very cautious of how I chose to wear them. However, since I have abandoned the word "flattering" from my vocabulary, it's really opened me up to the different styles, patterns, textures, and silhouettes that I had previously closed off—and stripes being one of those things! In fact, I have become known for loving stripes among family and friends. My best friend will throw out the words "Classic," and sometimes "Beetlejuice," when I even I look in the direction of something striped. But hey, a girl likes what she likes!

So when I recently took a trip to Paris, I knew that I wanted to visit the Les Deux Plateaux (also known as the Colonnes de Buren) in Palais Royal. If you aren't familiar with Les Deux Plateaux, it's set of striped, cylindrical sculptures located inside the Domaine National du Palais-Royal. To me, the installation speaks "perception." And at the risk of over embracing stripes while attending the exhibit, I decided to wear these beautiful Black and White Striped Pants from Maree Pour Toi, paired with a Red Washed Silk Charmeuse Tank and Open Sleeve Blazer. One thing that I learned about Parisian style is that it is incredibly chic, yet very understated. I rarely saw bright hues of colors or bold stripes, but something about this outfit felt very right to wear in Paris...and so I did. During my second day in Paris, I wore these pants, paired with a black crop top to a cheese making class and a trip to the Champs-Élysée. Last week, Europe underwent an extreme heat wave, and while I was not prepared at all, I really relied on the lightness and flowiness of these pants to keep me looking chic, but also keep me feeling cool. Aside from the pants, the tank top and blazer will be main staples in my work wardrobe. The blazer is so thick, very chic, and it's also a super cool look for the office. I really could wear it with anything. And while I could also wear the tank top under a cardigan, jacket, or blazer at work, I plan to knot it or tuck it into pants and skirts to give even the most casual summer look an elegant touch.
SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 18 in the Black and White Striped Pants, Red Washed Silk Charmeuse Tank, and Open Sleeve Blazer, which is my usual size, and everything fits perfectly! You all know how much I love the fit at Marée Pour Toi!

MPTx Natalie in the City

MPT x Natalie in the city