Emy Needs a Raincoat x Maree Pour Toi
A few months ago, a representative from a brand contacted me to see if I would be interested in a partnership. All I knew was that this brand was called Marée pour toi, and that it was an American plus size fashion brand. Uh.. YES!! I would love to start a partnership with a start up brand because it’s all so exciting! To be there from the very first moment, to see before everyone else their collection, to test and review their clothes without being influenced by others comments.. Ahh! I love it! A primeur!!
I saw a couple items on their Instagram, but it was so new that their website was still under construction at the time.. The representative was very nice, and a couple days later she sent me their collections sketches and asked me with outfits I preferred. It was the first time I saw a sketches from a brand (no pictures, only sketches..) so I knew this partnership would be unique and trustworthy.
It was so hard to choose! Everything looked so pretty and chic.. I decided on two dresses and a jacket.
They told me that at Marée pour toi, they really took the time to test their measurements to be sure that the fit was right.
Our approach began with extensive research of plus size body shapes, trying to understand why an entire industry clearly qualified to design woman’s apparel had consistently failed her.
Marée pour toi was in New York at the CurvyCon, and most of my friend ended up getting a dress or two from their booth. They really were the biggest surprise in NY! I stopped by their booth for a minute but it was so crowded, I decided to let them work because I knew I would get my items when I got back.
When I opened the box… oh Lord, I was surprised by their fabrics! It was so pretty, shiny (the foil prints) and luxurious.. And when I tried it on… Boy oh boy, their fitting is indeed spot on! Both dresses and jacket they gave me fits perfectly!

Emy Needs A Raincoat x Maree Pour Toi

My foil print trapeze dress is so comfortable. This style is made to be loose (but you can always add an elastic belt for an hourglass look) and is perfect for this weather. The fabric is light and has lots of stretch, so don’t worry if you have bigger arms or belly, you will look and feel good in this dress. I love a nice long sleeve dress that you can wear to work as well as to a party.
I watched Marée pour Toi InstaStories this weekend, and I swear… their Holiday Collection will be THE BOMB!! I already spotted a few items I know I will need for my Holiday parties! The black shiny skirt paired with the black top… oh and that burgundy dress (or was it a pleated skirt…?) !!
Don’t be shy! Add them to your social medias and check their website HERE.
I will show and review the other two items I got from Marée pour toi in another post, soon.
And to my Canadian ladies who need tips on ordering online (will I have a customs fee, are they shipping to Canada, how can I save on online orders….) let me know! If it’s something you would like to know, maybe I could do a post on that.. tell me if you’d like that!

Emy needs a raincoat x Maree Pour Toi