Maree Pour Toi x Natalie in the City  
Throwing a pop (or a blast) of color into my work wardrobe with this Mustard Compression Blazer from Marée Pour Toi, which should help to brighten my day.


MPT x Natalie in the City
This is the outfit I wore on my birthday, and I love it for so many reasons. Unfortunately, I had to work on my birthday, which was a major bummer, but I knew I could make it a great day by wearing a show-stopping outfit. And this get up didn’t sacrifice sexy for a professional look, it harmonized the two to make me feel like the grown up and radiant 27 year old I became that day.

Bold, Metallic Skirt Styled Four Ways for the Holidays

MPT x Maddy Gutierrez I have always shied away from investing in bold pieces. Whether it be bright colors, interesting fabrics, or statement prints, I’ve just been a little bit intimidated by clothes that turn heads. But the beauty of a bold, metallic skirt has been calling my name since autumn hit and I finally caved and grabbed this stunning, silvery pleated midi skirt from Marée Pour Toi. 


MPT x Natalie in the City

I'll admit, I usually never dress up too much for the holidays, but this year was the first time I've truly embraced holiday patterns, trends, and a festive wardrobe. And I've actually had a blast doing it... 


MPT x Fashion Love Letters
Hey all and happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Only took me about 3 hours to post this… that WordPress update was seriously a killer! Quick tip: the plugin “classic editor” will take your WordPress editor back to what you are used it, in case you prefer the old editor!
I am always in search of newer brands, especially brands that give plus size and curvy women more options! I had been reached out to by a newer brand in the summer, and I will be honest with you, I was not sure about it at first. It can be so tough to filter through brands and see which ones really may work for me.
So, after seeing another friend post about the clothing, I figured I would give it a shot and see what the hype was all about!... 


Emy Needs A Raincoat X Marée Pour Toi
A few months ago, a representative from a brand contacted me to see if I would be interested in a partnership. All I knew was that this brand was called Marée Pour Toi, and that it was an American plus size fashion brand. Uh.. YES!! I would love to start a partnership with a start up brand because it’s all so exciting! To be there from the very first moment, to see before everyone else their collection, to test and review their clothes without being influenced by others comments.. Ahh! I love it! A primeur!!
I saw a couple items on their Instagram, but it was so new that their website was still under construction at the time.. The representative was very nice, and a couple days later she sent me their collections sketches and asked me with outfits I preferred. It was the first time I saw a sketches from a brand...

An Unstoppable Jumpsuit

Natalie in the city x Maree Pour Toi
I can do long as I'm wearing this jumpsuit. No joke, I transform when I wear this piece. I'm happy, confident, and I'm even patient—which is hard for me. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know how much I rely on clothing and fashion to channel confidence in the workplace, at blog events, and in my day-to-day life. And I'm ecstatic to add another piece to my wardrobe that I know will put me on cloud 9. It's almost like magic, and isn't it funny that this jumpsuit is named just that?


I have definitely had a lot of questions lately about what to wear to the office. While I do live in LA and things are a little more on the casual side here, (ahem, work from home attire anyone?) most of you have been looking for chic, well-made styles that will carry you from the office to after work events. As a former corporate babe, I know all too well how hard it can be to find contemporary, high end, stylish pieces above a size 10.  So, you can imagine my excitement when a new plus size brand, Marée Pour Toi,  reached out to me to review their collection.
You may may have seen them at the Curvycon or noticed them on Instagram but the inaugural collection that just launched online features an exclusive selection of modern staples with a stylish edge. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large collection online with not just one or two pieces I would love to wear BUT SEVERAL!  Examples are…

Marée Pour Toi – Six Looks From the New Plus Size Label

Marée Pour Toi x Jamie JeTaime
In early September, I went to NYC for NYFW and CurvyCon (did you see my look featured on InStyle for NYFW?!!)). I also had the opportunity to try on Marée Pour Toi clothing before their online store was up and running and get to know the label. I also went to a pop-up shop hosted by your favorite #inthefittingroom style guide, Curvily. Keep reading and scrolling because I chose my 6 favorite looks to photograph with my favorite visual collaborator, Kevin Deel.
I consider myself well versed in all things plus fashion. However I had an epiphany when trying on clothes in an office at the Marée Pour Toi headquarters. It goes like this …

Designer Marée Pour Toi Plus Size Line Serves Up Chic Styles For Work & Play

Marée Pour Toi x Stylish Curves
Alright ladies, get excited because their is a new for you to shop. Marée Pour Toi is the latest designer to launch a plus size line that caters to women sizes 12-24. We first heard about Marée Pour Toi plus size line via Instagram. The brand partnered up with various plus size influencers during fashion week. They even hosted a launch party with Sarah Chiwaya from Curvily.
This month, the designer brand debuted their official collection and website. We checked it out and found there are a slew of chic …